• Effective and profitable heating of rooms, houses and offices by means of a ''Smart Heat'' Boiler!

    What Is a "Smart Heat" Boiler?

    This is an effective server's heat producing usage tool. The server is simply the chip build in a boiler and doing computations for a decentralized network. The network users are paying money for these computations, therefore the boiler not only heats, but also " earns money by itself".


    The Boiler's Basic Specs


    Heating Power - 3 kW (heats up to 30 sq.m.)

    Electricity Consuming - 3,3 kW

    Water Temperature - 65С

    Efficiency - 95%



    Stable Internet Connection (1 Kbit/s
    would be good)

    Network Cable

    Supply of cold water for heating (30С max)

    Electric connector 220V (110V in America)

    The Boiler is Developed and Produced in Ukraine

    Thanks to efforts of the Ukrainian engineers, you'll get additional profits.