• F.A.Q.

    To be or not to be...

    Why Do I Need This Smart Heating Boiler?

    If you are using so-called centralized system of heating, you possibly sometimes think of passing to the independent system. We bring you not only the independent, but also a very profitable solution. You will be able to receive payments for the calculations which are made by a boilers heating element (a mining chip). At the same time the boiler will heat your house.


    While using this boiler with 3 kW/h electricity consumption, in the end of the month you'll get around 140 dollars paycheck.

    But, since it's a Smart Heat Boiler, you'll be saving your money and earn additional profits!

    How To Install the Smart Heat Boiler In My House?

    Our experts will help you to install, adjust and start the boiler that is suitable for your case. You will simply use the boiler while the heating element will be engaged in the calculations that compensate the cost of electricity.

    What Calculations Do My Boiler Do?

    Your boiler is solving the mathematical problems. These problems are produced by the Bitcoin network in order to control the bitcoin mining speed and the whole network's efficiency. The heating element of your boiler becomes a part of the network build with the same boilers. All those boilers are at our client's houses, just like yours. Thus, a powerful network with high computation power can be created, allowing you to earn extra income while the boiler is working.

    What Do I Get?

    You'll get a free heating, regular payouts for the computations and independence from centralized systems of heating.

    Which Countries Are Supported?

    We currently send the heater-miners to Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, EU, Russia and USA. If you'd like to order one but your country is not on the list, drop us a few lines so we could check if we can ship our product to you safely.