• Antminer S5 Upgrade Kits

    Give your old Antminer a Second Wind.

    X5 Upgrade Kit

    0.1-0.13 w\ghash

    490 W
    Power - 3.3-4.2 Thash
    Price - 480-540 usd


    You will be able to modify your old Antminer S5 for using the new 16 nm Bitfury chips. You'll get full hardware and software support.

    X6 Upgrade Kit

    0.1-0.133 w\ghash
    980-1200 W
    Power - 6.4-8.7 Thash
    Price - 1000-1100 usd


    You will be able to modify your old Antminer S5 for using the new 16 nm Bitfury chips. You'll get full hardware and software support.


    If you don't have Antminer S5 but still want to see what you can get out of our stuff.

    0.1 - 0.13 w\ghash
    980-1200 W
    Power - 6.4-8.6 Thash
    Price - 1250-1350 usd


    You will be provided with Antminer S5 modified to use the new 16 nm Bitfury chips, blueprints, and all necessary hardware and software support.

  • How It Works?

    Our engineers are not just busy with developing the products based on Decentralization, Internet of Things and Bitcoin principles, they also welcome other companies to cooperate. If:

    -You'd like to produce smart mining equipment under your own brand
    -You search for partners for product development with the aim to satisfy Internet of Things fans needs
    -You want to invest your time and money in this field but don't know where to start from

    Then join us. Our staff have lots of experience to make real any crazy ideas.
    Hotmine company has expertise in development of products based on Bitfury chips, because it's doing so more than 4 years. We have worked with chips 16-5 nm (project bitlamp.club, microminer project, Hotmine hot-water boiler/btc miner (listed on the official site), Upgrade Kits).

    If you are an owner of ANTMINER S5 device and want to bring new life to the old mining equipment, then read on.

    The aim of the project is to develop a feature pack of hardware and software extensions for ANTMINER S5 users. Since now, you are able to save some money by upgrading your old miners. It turns out that, within your old ANTMINER S5, there are lots of things that can be used almost forever:

    -mechanical details
    -BeagleBoneBlack controllers modified for ANTMINER use
    -Power units

    While saving all these valuable details, we can increase productivity of the mining rigs (TH/s) and improve efficiency (W/GH) while using BitFury chips.

    Original miner TX: ANTMINER S5 BATCH 5
    Hash Rate: 1155 GH/s ±5%
    Power Consumption: 590 W (at the wall)
    Power Efficiency: 0.51 J/GH (at the wall)
    Rated Voltage: 12V
    Dimensions: 298 mm x 137 mm x 155 mm
    Cooling: 1x 12038 fan

    ANTMINER S5 has such hardware inside:

    2 hashing blades
    1 control blade
    BeagleBoneBlack controller (BBB) modified for use with Antminer
    2 cable flat interfaces between the hashing blade and the control blade
    power bus between one of the hashing blades and control blade
    a fan with PWM rotation control support
    2 radiators
    2 front parts
    support for the control blade fixation
    2 plastic side-layers
    a set of screws and springs

    In order to effectively reuse the cooling system 'radiator-fans' without modifying them and keep the existing Power Unit, the electric and heating powers of Upgrade Kit must not exceed the original ANTMINER S5 properties. Our researchers put efforts into testing the modified BeagleBoneBlack controller, which shows that it can be reused in the project if the patch software is placed on a MicroSD card.

    As the result of our development, the following parts have been created:

    1. Hash blade (2 layers)
    2. Control blade with the control elements and indicators (2 layers)
    3. Cgminer driver that ensures support of hash-blades based on BF8162C16 mining chips and BTC250 concentrators with support of final calculations on any chosen BF8162C16 chip.
    4. Microcontroller software on hash-blade
    5. Software based on BBB ANTMINER S5 that keeps all the previous functions and extends the configuring and monitoring parameters.

    Operations needed for ANTMINER S5 renewal:

    1. Dismantle your miner (turn on all the valves, release the hash-blades from the radiators, and the control-blade from the support)
    2. Clear the radiators from the thermal grease.
    3. Apply the termal grease on the BF8162C16 mining chips
    4. Press and fix a hash-board on radiators by means of original screws and springs
    5. Fix the control board with the original support.
    6. Plug the BeagleBoneBlack controller on the hashing board
    7. Get all the mechanical parts together
    8. Connect all the hash-boards to the control board using the cabe flats
    9. Connect a fan to one of the hash-boards
    10. Insert the microSD card containing the software patch into the BigleBoneBlack
    11. Insert a cable to the Ethernet connector
    12. Connect feed cables from power supply unit to the hash boards
    13. Supply voltage to the power unit

    Characteristics and the functional abilities of the X5 upgrade kit

    Upgrade kit consists of:
    -2 hashing blades
    -2 control blades
    -2 interface flat cables

    There are 26 chips (BF8162C16) placed on each hasing blade, included into a voltage chain. We use three BTC250 chips as concecntrators on each blade. Each hash blade gets voltage through 2 PCI-E power 6-pin ports. The control board receives voltage from hash blades through the flat cable and does not require a separate connection to the Power Unit.
    For indicating the current state of work the hash boards have 2 luminodiodes of green and red colors.

    The software on the hash blade microcontroller can be updated via a command from BBB, in terms of the microcontroller interactive protocol.


    Mining with BBB, as well as the communication with the hash blade microcontrollers is made by means of the software driver for cgminer.
    The statical information on the mining and telemetry is given by the cgminer API and is shown via web-admin panel.
    For the ease of transition from ANTMINER S5 the admin panel contains some necessary changes, all other main and secondary functions of the admin-panel are left as is.
    The admin panel allows to set the main parameter of working chips — CLOCK, also, a set of additional and very helpful parameters of the device is functioning.

    Using the web admin-panel, you always can update the software within microcontrollers and the device. For our dear miners, we have developed a system of assembling the new software packs, so that new features or bug-fixes found can be easily sent out and installed on the users rigs. The current patch-file size is 28 Mb.
    When the miner starts, one of the 52 chips BF8162C16 (in case of a standard conection of two hash blades) is used for final calculations. For this purpose, any such chip can be selected. While calculating, the chip has no useful value and is used only in the caculating task.

    X5 Project – Evolution of the S5 Upgrade Kit

    Aim: To develop a solid and production ready device, using the electronic parts and the software from S5 Upgrade Kit.

    Im terms of the project a mechanical prototypes were designed and created:
    -front case with BBB controller support
    -the support for control blade fixation
    -plastic side-layers
    -radiator of 2 kinds: 1) shaping using the standard material 2) drain busing + shaping
    -a specially designed and tested cooler
    -a set of screws
    -springs for hash blades fixation

    By adding a new mechanics to the S5 upgrade kit, as well as the new radiators, cooler and BBB controller, we get a fully self-sufficient device that is ready to be shipped to the clients.

    The end information on the project (in addition to the S5 Upgrade Kit):

    -the front part (CAD/PDF blueprint)
    -the support for the control blade fixation (CAD/PDF blueprint)
    -plastic side-layers (PDF blueprint)
    -the radiator (2D/3D blueprint)
    -a new cooler model
    -screws list
    -special screw for hash blades fixation (PDF blueprint)
    -the spring for hash blades fixation (2D/3D blueprint)

    X6 Project — twice more powerful and effective than X5

    Aim: to develop an X5 form-factor device that would have the same consumption level but higher efficiency.

    In terms of the project we've developed a new type of hash blades with twice more BF8162C16 mining chips on them. There are 52 chips – 2 chains with 26 chips in each with the possibility to separately apply voltage on each chain and monitor the voltage.
    The X6 hash blade has 3 PCI-E 6-pin voltage connectors, when the X5 blade has only two of them. Also, the blade is 20 mm higher than X5.
    In all other terms, the hardware and software both have no difference to the X5 project. For the effective heating removal X6 has 2 fan-coolers working to blow out the air and connected to the second hash blade.

    The heating tests of X6 have been made and the construction proves to be working good.

    The end information on the project (in addition to X5):
    -scheme and routing of the X6 hash blade (CAD/PDF/Gerber/BOM/blade order list)
    -BBB software (BIN/SRC/build scripts)

    S1 / S3 Upgrade Kit

    The main useful things of S1 and S3 are radiators and fans. The S5 Upgrade Kit blades can be used for Antminer S1/S3 renewal, including an additional supply of screws and mechanical details together with the BBB controller.
    X5 Outlook

    This photo shows you the model from 22 April, 2016, with blades v. 1.0


    All mechanics — custom made. BBB controller – original.
    Standard section material radiators are used.